Live Streaming the Videoconference to Livebox Channel/RTMP Servers

How to Stream the Live Video Conference to a Livebox Channel or RTMP Link?
Once Your Video conference is started,
  • Go to the more action icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on Start live stream from the list.
start live streaming
  • A popup window will be open for you to put the Streaming RTMP URL and Stream key of your channel or RTMP server.
video conferencing RTMP
  • Now go to your server and copy the RTMP URL from the Streaming URL option of your channel.
  • Now paste the streaming URL in the Popup box and hit on Start live stream.
video conferencing
There you go! Your live video conference should be live on your streaming RTMP server channel. From The RTMP server channel, you can embed the Video conferencing contents on your sites or push it to your social media accounts.


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